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Akili’s Nightly Skincare Routine

two easy steps!
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I have always been obsessed with trying new skincare products. As a kid I was constantly trying to find the perfect product for my acne. As I got older I just liked experimenting with different things. Now I’m interested in finding natural products and keeping my skincare routine short and sweet!

Right now I’m digging Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm. It’s a jar of paraben free goodness that removes make up, dirt, and oil and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I spread a thin layer all over my face, wipe it off with the muslin cloth that comes with it, and follow up with moisturizer. I typically moisturize with argan oil day and night (thanks to HeyFranHey), but if my skin is feeling drier than usual I’ll apply another layer of the cleansing balm and rinse it off in the morning.

At least once a week I also use my Sara Happ lip scrub before bed to keep my lips velvety soft!

I of course have nights when all I want to do when I go home is take of my bra and dive into bed! On those nights I used the Accure Argan Oil wipes I stash in the dresser by my bed.

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