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Christmas in Barbados! An Island Vacation

Caribbean Christmas getaway!

Well by the end of 2016 my travel budget for the year had well and truly been spent, but when your mom says she wants to vacation in Barbados for  Christmas and she says she’ll take you too, are you really going to pass up on a free trip? I’m not! No way was I going to miss the opportunity to spend Christmas nibbling on the best fish cakes, sipping on fine rum punch on the beach, swimming in the sea and relaxing in the sun. It was the best most chilled way to spend the holiday and escape the cold of London. Check out a few of my pics!

  • St Lawrence Gap – My Bajan hangout spot
  • Sounds just right to me!
  • I’m having a pink moment right now so I had to have a picture of this cool building

  • The two things I was dreaming about before I landed in Barbados, Fish Cakes & Rum Punch!
  • Oasis Beach Bar, serving up the best rum punch on the island.

  • Christmas morning dip
  • Sisters on the beach, Christmas Day
  • Does the view get any better than this?

  • Malibu country…….. my kinda country!
  • Strolling the island

  • Sand and sea I can never get enough time at the beach
  • One last dip!
  • Until next time Barbados


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