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Short Trips: Hilden, Germany

Business Trip

As children our Dad would often pack us up in the car and drive us over to Germany in our school holiday’s to see family friends.  I used to love those trips so much, that I was so excited when the opportunity came up to go and work in Germany, this summer.

I stayed in Hilden a city just east of Düsseldorf and didn’t venture much out of the city on this trip but it was definitely nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of London for a few days and be close enough to work to be able to take leisurely walks through the park on my journey in.

In the evenings it was great to go into the middle of town to just sit, eat and socialise until the sun went down.  It was lovely to experience life at a different pace for a few days, the work/life balance felt a bit more equal here!

Check out a few pics from my trip.

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