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The feeling when you realize you’re Tasha

Insecure- HBO

I’m super late but I just watched episode 3 of Insecure (yeah I’m behind, fight me) and it had me DEEP in my feelings. Like most women who watch the show I cannot stand Tasha. Like people who hate Hillary Clinton I don’t really have a good reason…she’s just too much (IMHO) so imagine my horror when I realized I AM Tasha! I can totally relate to this woman who has a crush on a guy, tries waaaay to hard, settles for a casual thing and tries to make it a relationship. And then of course the inevitable happens, it crashes and burns and you realize you wasted way too much time on a guy that you can’t really blame because YOU pursued him! Tasha might be the worst but we’ve ALL been Tasha at some point in our lives and it sucks.

 In conclusion Lawerence is still trash, but Jay Ellis could definitely get it…my number that is. 😉



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