Short Trips: Rosemary Beach

Exploring Florida: Rosemary Beach

Even though I’m a bossy control freak I secretly love when other people make plans that I can just attend and not worry about. For this reason it’s great to have other type A friends who love a good itinerary complete with options and links. When my best friend Felesa invited me away for her 30th birthday I knew I had to go. I didn’t know how I was going to afford it and I kept forgetting where we were going but the promise of a long weekend with a couple of my oldest friends in a cute air bnb was enough for me to block out the dates on my calendar months in advance.

Our destination (which I had to be reminded of up until we arrived) was Rosemary Beach: the cutest beach town I’ve ever seen and home to some amazing restaurants and a hotel with a rooftop bar that serves frose AND has jenga. It was the perfect place for 3 pre and post menstrual girls feeling overworked and bloated to spend a weekend relaxing and eating. It was honestly the first time I’ve gone away and actually felt relaxed when I came home. I can’t wait to go again…we’ve already decided Felesa’s getting married there…just waiting for her to get on board!

This is how we spent our time in Rosemary Beach, links included (of course!)


We arrived late on Friday evening. There was some traffic on our journey from Tallahassee but I entertained myself in the backseat eating Pringles and reading about whatever crazy thing the President did that week.

When we got to Rosemary Beach we went straight to our Airbnb digs, “The Blue Room on 30A”  and got ready for dinner. We were so impressed with our room. The greatest highlight was the fact that we had a bed and two sleeper sofas so we all got our own beds which we found highly impressive (clearly we’re not hard to please).

Our first dinner was our best. We ate at La Crema Tapas and Chocolate  where we shared paella, fondue, stuffed mushrooms, spicy chicken and chocolate covered bacon. The food was AMAZING and their white wine sangria with oranges and mangos was deelish! With our bellies filled we went back to the Blue Room to our individual beds and fell asleep quickly. 


The best part of the weekend is brunch. This is not up for argument. On Saturday we had brunch at The Perfect Pig and again shared a few amazing dishes: a Parmesan crusted breakfast sandwich, a Dutch baby (which reminded us of a citrusy crepe), and the best quiche I’ve EVER had. The food was so good that I didn’t complain (too much) about their not so great bellini. 

After eating our weight in bacon we did some exploring and visited some cute boutiques at Shops @ The Hub, strolled through Alys Beach  purchased some books from The Hidden Lantern, and then headed back to rest up for dinner.

Full disclosure- I didn’t like my dinner so I’m skipping straight to drinks! We headed to the rooftop bar at The Pearl and it did not disappoint: great music, great menu, and great drama for us to eavesdrop on. What can I say, we love people watching! 


We loved The Pearl so much we headed back for brunch the next day. It was the perfect way to end a low key 30th birthday celebration in one of the birthday girl’s favorite places.

As girl born in ‘88 I’ll have plenty of 30th birthdays to celebrate over the next couple of years and I must say, Felesa has set the bar high for everyone else! 


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