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Minimalist Home Makeover

From Bright to White

I’ve been meaning to share more pics of my home since I gave it the Aisha Minimalist Home Makeover last year. I took the place from shades of purple and walls of red to a palette of relaxed matte white with black floors and copper accents.My home now has a more uniform relaxed feel.

The things I most love to feel at home are space around me and lots of natural light.  On my path to making my home more minimalist I have become quite ruthless, anything that doesn’t have a designated home or space goes! If I want a new item of clothing to add to my closet something else has to go first, I’m constantly editing my wardrobe! Also, I don’t have an actual wardrobe I have two finely curated clothes rails that allow the stylist in me to style my outfits from the comfort of my bed at night. I now thrive on owning less, it keeps my space exactly the way I like to find it, neat, tidy and chic all at the same time. It also keeps me more zen and feeling less anxious.

All the pieces in the house were lovingly hand picked by me either on my travels or from some of my favourite interior outlets over the course of a year.  Truth be told I decorated the house around my sofa.  I saw it in furniture store Aflair, while out window shopping in Battersea, and it was love at first sight! It was more than I had initially intended to spend but everything else I looked at just didn’t compare, and so from there I was only picking pieces that I loved and specifically fit with the look I wanted for my home.

Take a scroll through my pictures I hope you like my space as much as I do or can at least walk away with some interior décor inspo. Enjoy!






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