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Always Feeling: Jeans

How I Style My Denim
Personal Style

I love my jeans, I have a pair for every day of the week, in numerous shades and, my favourite cuts I buy twice! I personally don’t feel that there are many events that you can’t wear jeans for, when styled fabulously.  I wear them to work, out for dinner and drinks, on Sunday’s when I brunch, to the museum, or when I’m going to the movies with my girls.  There are very few occasions that I can’t create a stylish denim look for!

Ripped, cropped, boyfriend, mom, Ive got them all!  Check out some of my favourite denim looks and you might find some fresh inspiration for how to wear your jeans.

Side Note: My go-to stores to find affordable, good fitting jeans are: Zara, Topshop, H&M Trend and Express

Always Double Denim!

Afternoon out with the girls….

Styling for work

Night at the museum!

Night out on the town

Dinner Date


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Babes Who Brunch


DIY brunch inspo


Brunch is our jam- Aisha will fight you for a biscuit, and I’ve never turned down bottomless mimosas in my life. A few months ago myself and four other wedding planners put together an amazing event for local brides: Brides who Brunch. It went so well that we have a few more in the works this year and plans to take the show on the road next year! You can learn more about Brides who Brunch here. If you love brunch as much as we do take a look the pics below of the event for some major brunch styling inspo! The only thing better than bottomless mimosas at your favorite brunch spot is hosting your very own brunch at home- the mimosas are limitless and when you’re ready for a champagne induced nap your bed isn’t too far away.

Images by Harmony Lynn Photography



Akili’s 5 Minute Face


A quick glow up!

Makeup & Beauty

I love getting pampered but I don’t like spending a lot of time doing my own hair (duh) and makeup. The idea of spending more that 5 minutes doing my makeup does not appeal to me at all. Even though I own a ton of beauty products, when it comes to my everyday look I really only care about a few things:

  1. Covering the dark circles around my eyes: I would like to think that sometimes I look younger than my age, but the dark circles around my eyes are a dead giveaway that I need more sleep and am not a young fresh faced girl! A few dots of Lancome concealer makes my dark circles disappear all day!
  2. Creating the illusion of flawless skin: A combo of powder and blush makes my skin tone appear even and glowing.
  3. A shiny smile: I may be almost 30 but I’m still a lipgloss girl! I have slowly started adding lipstick into my routine, but the truth is, I’m all about the gloss!

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Insecure Thoughts


The feeling when you realize you’re Tasha

Insecure- HBO

I’m super late but I just watched episode 3 of Insecure (yeah I’m behind, fight me) and it had me DEEP in my feelings. Like most women who watch the show I cannot stand Tasha. Like people who hate Hillary Clinton I don’t really have a good reason…she’s just too much (IMHO) so imagine my horror when I realized I AM Tasha! I can totally relate to this woman who has a crush on a guy, tries waaaay to hard, settles for a casual thing and tries to make it a relationship. And then of course the inevitable happens, it crashes and burns and you realize you wasted way too much time on a guy that you can’t really blame because YOU pursued him! Tasha might be the worst but we’ve ALL been Tasha at some point in our lives and it sucks.

 In conclusion Lawerence is still trash, but Jay Ellis could definitely get it…my number that is. 😉



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Let Your T-shirt do the Talking! Slogan Tees


Summer 17 Trend

Wear it now

One of this season’s boldest trends is the slogan tee. These statement t-shirts ruled SS17’s catwalks, from feminist statements and quotes reflecting the current political climate to more tongue in cheek sayings. Slogan tees are being used as a visual marker for what you believe in, with t-shirts and tanks splashing expressions, words and messages of all kinds.

Brands, designers and stores have all jumped on the trend for slogan tees, with a number of affordable labels offering up an endless lineup of sayings, there’s a style and quote for every thought!

Here are some of Sassy Styled’s favourite slogan tees.

Serena Taught Me – Well Versed Designs

The Magic is Real – Dear Naturalista

Hair Short Money Long – Dear Naturalista

Black Mixed With Black – Melanin Apparel

Goals – Topshop

Not Pie – Black on Black

CÉLFIE –  Etsy


Born To Be Real – Resilience Streetwear

Sarcasm Society – HyperWaveFashion


I Am Exclusive – Zara

Not Smiling – Wildfang


Wild Feminist – Wildfang

That Melanin Though – Habitually Fly

Awkward Is My Speciality – EvertreeClothing

Style Inspo

Some style inspo for how we like to wear our slogan tees.

Aisha: My slogan tee is a reflection of the fact that I have been growing out my natural  hair for the past 5 years and I have never been as in love with my hair as I am now. I like to style my Zara tee in keeping with my minimalist style and have teamed it with my leather mini skirt and accessorised with d-ring waist belt, miu miu sunglasses,

Akili: Keeps it sassy all day every day and dresses for the Florida sun by teaming her tee with denim shorts, silver link chain and her, ever present, sunglasses!


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Date Yo Self


Solo Travel


I realized last year that there are lots of things I don’t do because I don’t have a boyfriend. As a self described “permanently single” person that’s a big problem! I can’t control when I’ll meet the right guy for me, but I can control how I  enjoy my life. I decided to see the positive in having complete freedom over my life and embrace adventures on my own. One of my goals this year is to travel abroad alone! I never thought that would be something I’d do, but I’m in a place that I think it would be really a beneficial, growing experience for me.

I have no idea where I’ll go and honestly the idea scares me. I practiced a little last year when I took a day trip to Chicago (shout out to Spirit’s crazy Black Friday deals!). I planned out all the places I wanted to visit before hand. I knew how long I would spend at each place, how much the uber would be and what I had to take photos of. It was an amazing day and most importantly I didn’t feel sad about being alone at all.

I think when I look back on myself 10 years from now- no matter my relationship status- I’ll be sad about the experiences I didn’t have, not the amazing adventures I had on my own.


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Issa Rae


Girl crush

girl boss

I have been a fan of Issa Rae since season 1 of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl . When J awkwardly walked passed Cece in the hallway I knew I had found my soul sister. It’s totally on trend now to show authentic black women on TV, but Issa Rae has been giving us regular shmegular girls someone to relate to since 2012! 

After the Youtube series there was the book. Writing about it now makes me want to read it again. Its filled with anecdotes that all awkward girls can relate to: from lying about her looks in teen chat rooms to her dad still paying her car insurance (it is expensive!).

Like lots of ladies I anxiously awaited the premiere of Insecure and purchased HBO solely so I could watch it. I was not disappointed! The show is everything and watching Issa’s glow up over the past year has been amazing. And she introduced us to Yvonne Orji who is #lifegoals in her own right!

Season 2 starts July 23rd which gives you plenty of time to watch the show if you haven’t already or time to rewatch a couple of times like I plan to do!

Akili Phillips

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Athleisure – Fashion Trend


SS17 Trend

“Once it was simply called activewear now athleisure, or interchangeable, sporty pieces to be worn every day, even at the office.”

The Athleisure trend is still riding high this ss17 and showed up on a number of catwalks. From designers like Alexander Wang to Max Mara amongst a group of others like  3.1 Philip Lim, Vetements, Versace  parading the chic sport-to-street fashions on their runways.

Alexander Wang, one of our favourite designers, was really rocking the style. T his season’s collection featured torso wrapping bra tops, cropped sweatshirts, paired with boxer shorts and sporty chinos.

The SS17 Max Mara collection was a bit of a departure from their usual day wear, showcasing gorgeous palm print hooded windbreakers and sporty Bombers and blousons.  Leggings and bodysuits in Athleisure techno fabrics were at the center of the collection.

At SASSY STYLED athleisure is a big part of our goto daily wardrobe, with wide appeal outside the gym! There is little that we don’t love about this trend because it’s all about showing off or hiding your body in relaxed fabrics, allowing for easy movement and major style all at the same time.

Check out our favourite athleisure looks below from the spring 2017 runways!

images from

How we SASSY STYLE our athleisure

While this is a trend both Akili and I love we style our casual sporty looks a little differently, yet in keeping with our minimalist aesthetic!

Akili likes to team her basic tee with a high-waisted panelled legging, for a chill, relaxed feel,  layering a lightweight bomber jacket over top.  She  accesorizes her look with simple jewellery, studs and link chain, and finishes her look off with her, goes with everything, sassystyled pouch by Mark & Graham and some high-top sneakers.

For me, I like to get my legs out as much as possible in summer so I style my outfit with some leather look shorts, tie-dye bra top (I only wear black & white patterns) and drape my bomber on my shoulders.  Seen as I’m still relatively new to sneakers worn as a fashion item I combine my love of a white shoe with the need for a sporty/casual shoe in this simple white leather slip on sneaker. I highlight my look with a quick topknot and my favourite minimalist jewellery choker.

By. Aisha
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Currently Feeling: Open Back Tops


look back at it

Personal Style

In my quest to become a minimalist I’ve been trying to identify styles I love that I can wear every season. Right now I’m really into open back tops. I recently purchased two at my fave local boutique, Jovahnah. One is super casual and the other is much more tailored (and open). I compare these tops to mullets because they are simple in the front, and exciting in the back. The key difference being that these tops are gorgeous and mullets have always been a bad idea!


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Akili’s Nightly Skincare Routine

two easy steps!
Minimalist small bathroom renovation with white subway tile and IKEA cabinet | Image by Daring Wanderer

I have always been obsessed with trying new skincare products. As a kid I was constantly trying to find the perfect product for my acne. As I got older I just liked experimenting with different things. Now I’m interested in finding natural products and keeping my skincare routine short and sweet!

Right now I’m digging Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm. It’s a jar of paraben free goodness that removes make up, dirt, and oil and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I spread a thin layer all over my face, wipe it off with the muslin cloth that comes with it, and follow up with moisturizer. I typically moisturize with argan oil day and night (thanks to HeyFranHey), but if my skin is feeling drier than usual I’ll apply another layer of the cleansing balm and rinse it off in the morning.

At least once a week I also use my Sara Happ lip scrub before bed to keep my lips velvety soft!

I of course have nights when all I want to do when I go home is take of my bra and dive into bed! On those nights I used the Accure Argan Oil wipes I stash in the dresser by my bed.